Surface Water Pipe Installation

July 27, 2022

UPDATE (Jun 28 2:13 PM):
Attention HCMUD 370 residents thank you for your patience with the water outage today. The water outage will continue for an additional 2 hours. Thank you again for your patience during this water pipe upgrade with West Houston Regional Water Authority.

Attention HCMUD 370 residents The Harris County Regional Water Authority (HCRWA) will be installing the surface water pipe under Ballina Canyon Lane across from Turkey Creek.

Residents located along Ballina Canyon Lane between Rosa Ridge Ln & Lago Bend Ln. will be without water on Tuesday 6-28-22 for approximately 5 hours the water outage will begin @ 9:00am.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact TNG Utility Corp. @ 281.350.0895

Thank you for your patience during this important construction project.

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